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Our Barista Training Courses

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Intro to coffee course bali barista center
Introduction To Coffee Course

Our Flagship Beginner's Course

espresso course bali barista training
The Perfect Espresso Course

Develop Your Espresso And Milk Foaming Techniques

coffee steaming course Bali barista training
Steaming and Pouring Course

Steaming Milk Skills To Create Lattes, Cappuccinos, Etc

latte art course Bali barista training
Latte Art Course (Advanced)

Pour Out Your Art Like A Pro

manual brewing course Bali barista training
Manual Brewing

The Art of Manual Brewing

Frequently Asked Questions

Is your certificate recognised internationally? After a student finishes one of our barista courses and passes the written and practical test a certificate will be issued. When presenting your certificate to potential employer, they will recognise that you’ve undertaken and passed a barista training course. Your potential employer will of course ask you to make coffee for them to test your skill as a barista. Our barista courses will give you the knowledge and tools to make great coffee but the rest is up to you. Practice makes perfect.

Apakah sertifikat anda diakui secara internasional?  Setelah peserta menyelesaikan kursus pilihannya dan lulus ujian teori dan praktek, sertifikasi akan diberikan. Pada saat Anda melampirkan sertifikat ini kepada calon pemberi kerja Anda, mereka akan meminta Anda untuk membuat kopi untuk menguji kemampuan Anda sebagai barista. Kursus kami akan memberikan Anda pengetahuan dan kemampuan yang cukup untuk membuat kopi yang baik, namun kunci keberhasilan ada di tangan Anda sendiri.

Which courses do I have to take to be qualified barista? Undertaking the introduction to coffee course followed by the perfect espresso course will give you all the knowledge and practical know-how to make great coffee. Practice makes perfect so your ability as a barista will only get better as long as you practice. After you have mastered steaming and pouring of milk, you may want to undertake the latte art course. There are degrees of barista training courses from 3 days up to 2 years in some colleges globally.

Kursus yang mana yang harus saya ambil untuk menjadi barista yang memenuhi syarat? Dengan mengambil Kursus Pengenalan Kopi kemudian Kursus Espresso, Anda akan memiliki pengetahuan dan ketrampilan yang cukup untuk membuat kopi (espresso). Latihan menyempurnakan ketrampilan, jadi kemampuan Anda sebagai Barista akan menjadi lebih baik selama Anda terus berlatih. Setelah Anda menguasai teknik pemanasan susu (steaming & pouring), Anda dapat mengambil Kursus Latte Art untuk menyempurnakan ketrampilan Anda.

What language is your course conducted? Our courses are in both English and Indonesian.

Bahasa apa yang digunakan selama kursus? Kursus kami menggunakan bahasa Indonesia dan bahasa Inggris

What are the major differences between The Introduction to Coffee Course and The Perfect Espresso Course? The introduction to coffee course covers a lot of general knowledge about coffee and also machine and coffee making. The perfect espresso course concentrates more on machine & coffee making.

Apa perbedaan antara Kursus Pengenalan Kopi dengan Kursus Espresso? Kursus Pengenalan Kopi mencakup penjelasan menyeluruh tentang kopi, mesin espresso dan pembuatan kopi (espresso). Kursus Espresso lebih memfokuskan tentang pelatihan penggunaan mesin espresso dan pembuatan kopi (espresso)

I would like to know how many people are doing the course at once? Is it one on one or only one teacher and a whole entire class? The course consists of generally up to 4 people. For larger group we can accommodate up to 6 people. There will be one trainer per course.

Berapa peserta yang mengikuti kursus di dalam satu kelas? Apakah satu instruktur per satu peserta atau satu instruktur untuk satu kelas? Kursus kami biasanya mengakomodasi 4 peserta per kelas. Untuk group lebih besar kami dapat mengakomodasi 6 peserta per kelas. Setiap kelas dipandu oleh satu instruktur.

What do I bring to the barista class? Please bring pen and notepad if you want to take any notes during the coffee course. Wear comfortable clothes and shoes. Our coffee classes start promptly so don’t be late!

Apa yang harus saya bawa untuk mengikuti kursus ini? Silahkan bawa alat tulis dan kertas/buku jika Anda ingin membuat catatan selama kursus berlangsung. Pakailah pakaian dan sepatu yang nyaman. Kelas kami dimulai tepat waktu, jadi datanglah tepat waktu!

Can I buy a gift voucher? Yes gift vouchers for all courses can be purchased online. The voucher is valid for 12 months. It can be emailed to you or the recipient. Vouchers are simple to use.

Apakah saya bisa membeli voucher hadiah? Ya, voucher hadiah untuk setiap kursus dapat dibeli online. Voucher berlaku selama 12 bulan. Voucher dapat diemail kepada Anda atau penerima.


We are an innovative centre, dedicated to staying on the cutting edge of this ever changing industry, and we are constantly expanding our knowledge in the art and science of making coffee, in the journey from seed to cup, bush to barista.

Our training facilities offer multiple espresso machines to develop your skills, giving our students the opportunity to experience a real-life café setting and work environment. Our trainers are professional, friendly and highly qualified.

We have fine-tuned our training program to include the history of coffee, harvesting, roasting and processing of the coffee bean, the correct use and maintenance of the espresso machine and grinders, as well as developing the skills and techniques required to extract and create perfect coffee.

We also offer free scholarships to various charities, both here in Bali and beyond. It’s our way of saying thanks, and giving back to the community

For complete course descriptions and prices, please click link below for English or Indonesian

English       Bahasa Indonesia